Cardiac Regeneration Based on microRNA Technology


Preventing the Development of Heart Failure

Our Background

Prolifagen is a preclinical spin-out of University of Pennsylvania developing a medicine for cardiac regeneration based on microRNA technology.  

Our Team

Our management team holds essential complementary skill sets in differing areas of domain expertise and bring decades of experience to this work.

Our Work

microRNA 302 drives proliferation of resident adult cardiac muscle cells in injured hearts, leading to reconstitution of functional heart muscle.

We want to improve life after heart attack. More than 600,000 survivable heart attacks occur yearly in the US. That’s one heart attack every 40 seconds.

3 Million US people suffer from heart failure after a heart attack

Twenty percent of those (linked to larger infarcts) will lead to Heart Failure characterized by impaired heart pumping capacity. This is because hearts with large injuries undergo remodeling during the weeks and months after infarct and develop hypertrophy.