Our management team holds essential complementary skill sets in differing areas of domain expertise.


M. Alexander Shaw

M. Alexander Shaw (Alex), CEO, has spent the past 15 years growing Nuventra Pharma Sciences from a two-person boutique pharmacokinetic consulting shop into a 125-person full-service drug development consulting group with $22M in annual revenue and $2M in annual profit. During that time, he advised over 100 clients in the pharmacokinetic and clinical pharmacology aspects of drug approval. He was also responsible for all operational aspects of the company, including finance, human resources, business analytics, and project management. After successfully exiting Nuventra via sale of the company, Alex looks forward to applying his drug development expertise along with his experience in running a business to helping Prolifagen develop a robust therapeutic portfolio.


Ed Morrisey

Ed Morrisey, Scientific co-founder, is a world-renowned expert in cardiovascular and pulmonary developmental Biology, and Professor at University of Pennsylvania Medical School. He is the Scientific Director of the Penn Center for Regenerative Medicine. Ed is hugely energized by his opportunity to translate his basic science findings to an impactful public health intervention.

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Jason Burdick

Jason Burdick, Technology co-founder, Professor at the BioFrontiers Institute and Department of Chemical
and Biological Engineering at University of Colorado, is a world-renowned expert in hydrogel-based formulations for delivery of medicines to the cardiac muscle and other organs. Jason strives to bring his engineering background and his hydrogel formulation experience to develop powerful solutions to drug delivery for the benefit of patients.

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Claudine Bruck

Claudine Bruck, Chairman and co-founder, has gathered 30 years of experience in drug and vaccine development across different therapeutic areas and technology platforms as a former GlaxoSmithKline Scientist and Executive. Her ambition is to apply her technical and business expertise to develop a transformational new medicine that will have a major impact on public health.